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“There were several factors that I considered when hiring an attorney to represent me for a DUI charge, which included being local, having extensive experiences with DUI cases, understanding his fees, and most importantly, treating me with dignity . Mr. Ewin previously worked for the Contra Costa County DA office, and this experience and his connections was necessary given that I do not reside in the Bay Area. I decided to contact Mr. Ewin after doing extensive research about where he went to law school (UC Davis), types of cases he represents, and reading many of the online reviews. Several consistent themes emerged from his online reviews that prompted me to consult him: he is personable, aggressive, well connected, knowledgeable, and handles cases with the utmost professionalism and dignity.

During consultation over the phone, Mr. Ewin explained in layman’s terms the paralleled process of the criminal court and DMV administrative hearing for DUI cases. He then interviewed me about my personal background and ascertained the facts of my case, which led to his advice about the best way to proceed. After this consultation, I decided to hire Mr. Ewin.

The first thing he did was schedule the DMV administrative hearing to coincide with my court date, which allowed me to drive for three months legally. Next, he represented me at the initial court hearing that I was unable to attend. After the initial court hearing, Mr. Ewin negotiated with the DA’s office to reduce the charges. It is necessary to understand that Mr. Ewin was upfront and never promised me an outcome, but suggested based on his knowledge and experience he would aggressively work with the DA’s office to get my charges reduced.

Mr. Ewin prepared me for the second court hearing by walking me through the documents and what I should expect. He made sure I understood the legal ramifications of my options. The morning of my second court case, Mr. Ewin was able to move my case to the front of the docket even though scheduled for a later time. While in court, I understood how important it was to have hired Mr. Ewin. Other folks in my situation were meeting their court-appointed attorneys for the first time. In fact, I was astonished to bear witness to one court-appointed attorney publicly call her clients by their names, introduce herself, and briefly talk to them about their cases for the first time. Also, while in court, Mr. Ewin called DMV to see if they had made a decision about my case.

Mr. Ewin successfully got my DUI charges reduced to wet reckless. As a result, I paid lower fines, and the court did not suspend my license. Although I did not win the DMV administrative hearing (from what I have read and confirmed by Mr. Ewin only 9 – 10% of cases are won), Mr. Ewin aggressively argued my case based on a discrepancy he found in the police report.

I highly recommend Mr. Ewin if you are seeking a talented, aggressive, well-connected, and personable attorney to represent you in a DUI case.”

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Derek R. Ewin, is a full-service law firm where attorneys with their extensive experience provide strong & Aggressive defense against DUI & Criminal case.

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