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“As I was driving to the airport one evening to pick my daughter from the airport, I was pulled over for backing up two feet on the shoulder of the freeway to enter the exit to airport. I was asked to submit to a Field Sobriety tests and later breathalyzers tests. I was shocked when I found out that my blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) was above the legal limit of 0.08.

Next day after my release from one night in jail, I contacted Derek and asked for his help. After an hour meeting with Derek at his office, Law Office of Derek R. Ewin, I learned what I was up against and what to expect. In addition to being very straight forward, Derek was professional, courteous, kind, and very knowledgeable of the law. His ability to understand my situation and provide me with proper counseling and emotional support through the case was superb. THANK YOU SO MUCH DEREK!!

Within a short period of time of taking my case, Derek was able to gather the needed information and started communicating with both DMV and the court on my behalf.

Working with Derek, helped me sleep well and continue to be productive in my work. He handled each issue in a very competent and timely manner, he regularly communicated with me by phone, text, and email to keep me informed about each situation and choosing the best approach to get the desired results.

Prior to my court date, Derek worked diligently to prepare all the documents needed in order to get best outcome for me. Because of Derek’s professionalism and gift the DA and the judge reduced my case from a DUI to a wet reckless with a reduced fine and a shorter probation period.

Half way through my probation, I needed to travel to Canada where my daughter is going to college. Since I was still on probation and had a wet reckless conviction, I needed proper documentation to enter Canada. I contacted Derek and he took my case and did a superb job in collecting all needed documentation and convincing the DA and the judge to terminate my probation, dismiss my case, and provide me with dismissal documentation before leaving the court. One week after the dismissal of my case, I traveled to Canada and had no issues. I appreciate all the hard work Derek put in representing me. Derek’s work is amazing and I would highly recommend him for any criminal matter or DUI cases.


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