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Gang Charges

In the 1980’s Law Enforcement and State Law Makers became very interested in cracking down on Criminal Street Gangs. In the past two decades, they have passed laws outlawing street gang activity and creating additional punishment for people committing gang crimes. As a result, a crime committed in furtherance of gang activity can result in a much higher sentence than the same crime without gang ties. These sentences can range from probation to prison to life sentences to even the death penalty. If you are charged with a gang crime, you need to take it very seriously. Get in touch with a Gang crimes lawyer in Walnut Creek, CA right away to have the charges reduced or dismissed. The California gang crimes attorney at the Law Office of Derek R. Ewin can be contacted right away at (925) 308-6444 for a Free Consultation.

Derek Ewin is experienced with gang crimes. He has been practicing as a Gang crimes lawyer in Contra Costa County for many years now. He was assigned to both the juvenile and adult gang units at the Contra Costa DA’s office at various points in his career. He has had extensive training from Law Enforcement, Prison Officials, Prosecutors and Former Gang members in the area of Gang Crimes and Gang Laws. Mr. Ewin has experience with the Nortenos, Surenos, Project Trojans, Sons of Death, Night Walkers, Hells Angels, Los Monkeys Trece, CAL and more. Don’t hesitate to call him if you are being investigated or charged with a gang crime, or if you are a victim or a witness in such a case and feel that you need legal representation. As an experienced Walnut Creek Gang crimes attorney, he will do everything he can to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

  • Norteno
  • Sureno
  • Mexican Mafia
  • Nuestra Familia
  • Drive by Shooting
  • Shooting from an Occupied Vehicle
  • Shooting at an Occupied Vehicle
  • Use of a Firearm
  • Armed with a Firearm
  • Gang Enhancement
  • Homicide/Murder
  • Carjacking
  • Infliction of Great Bodily Injury

(Penal Code section 187, 192, 215, 12034, 12022.53, 186.22, etc.)

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