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The Law Office of Derek R. Ewin.

Client Testimonials

“Overall I was very pleased with the work and outcome of my case.”

Guzzie R.

“From the initial meeting to the end of my case Derek was very helpful. He had knowledge about what I was expecting, and a lot of experience in handling my case. I’ve already referred him to someone else, and will continue to refer him.”


“Derek is very thorough and an expert in his field and went beyond the call of duty. I would recommend him without hesitation.”


“I need to share with you how much knowing Derek Ewin and having him work on my case has changed our life. Derek was always there for both of us (my wife and I) when we needed him no matter the time of day, or the day of the week.

He gently guided me through the legal jungle that I faced, and made it possible for me to go on when sometimes it seemed like the nightmare would never end. There were times that I despaired of ever being able to get out from under the bureaucratic errors that had me facing possible jail, fines, and loss of license. When I describe Derek to others who have not had the pleasure of meeting him I tell them that he are a true Christian gentleman. Even when cross examining a witness he does it without doing injury. The CHP officer had praise for Derek and the way he treated him even after cross examination. Derek was able to show his errors and have him discredit his own testimony without humiliating, insulting or degrading him in any way.

In my heart I know it is his faith that makes Derek who he is, and it is that faith that made it possible for him to do all he did to save me. I thank him for giving me back my life.”


“I thank God daily for discovering Derek Ewin and that he was able to give me back my husband and in one piece. I have told everyone I know, if you need an excellent attorney call Derek Ewin.

It was by chance (or maybe not) that I did an internet search and saw his website. God intervened when he answered the phone on a Sunday night. From the beginning both Pat and I had a real good feeling about him, sometimes you just know you can trust someone. Derek always listened with true empathy and were there for us not only as our attorney but as our friend. He listened to all our concerns and comforted us when necessary. He never lost faith in Pat. He is a man of integrity, gentleness, righteousness and decency. Justice has been served thanks to him.

Derek handled our case with class and grace…we owe you our lives him.”


“Derek Ewin assisted me through a very tough period of my life. He did so while providing me with realistic potential outcomes. He was straight and to the point but never lacked empathy for what I was going through.

I highly recommend Mr. Ewin’s services if you find yourself up against the legal system’s meat grinder. He will explore all options and give you timely information so that you do not feel in the dark. While incarcerated I was kept informed personally be several visits. He never judged me, but looked at the issues at hand from several perspectives while maintaining a firm grip on the legal aspect and ramifications. His demeanor while in court was professional and it was clear that the court too shared my respect for Mr. Ewin.”


“I just want to start out by saying this man is not just an attorney you talk to on a business level, but a friend. He is a great person and the best defense lawyer i have ever spoke to in my life.

I was facing severe felony charges and at times felt no hope. I was going to college and wanted to have a bright future, but I knew that my charges could prevent all that. Derek was always there to keep my head up and keep everything in my life positive. The one and only thing he asks from you is honesty. Derek was able to resolve my case to an even better outcome than I was hoping for. This man did not only protect me through this case, but in a very strong sense he saved my life. I strongly recommend Derek Ewin as a criminal defense lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“There are literally a handful of people for whom I would take a bullet. This list includes my family and a few friends. Honestly, in my wildest dreams, I would never have contemplated that I would add an acquaintance, much less a lawyer to this list.

Derek Ewin has given me my life back – it’s a good thing too because it would have ruined Christmas for my wife and three kids. My family and I knew I was innocent, and the first person I had initially hired was not proactive and was completely ineffective. I was lucky enough to have my sister and the rest my family advocating for me, and monitoring my first attorney’s activities.

That is when Derek came into the picture. My sister, who lives 3,000 miles away, then referred me to Derek. It may sound incredible, but she, as well as the rest of my family, and her entire church, prayed that I would be led to somebody who would help to redeem me. She claims it took her less than two minutes to search for attorneys in this area, when something told her to give Derek’s number to me.

Obviously I wouldn’t be writing this if my outcome had been different. You can trust him, and in fact, you should trust him.

Derek is an expert at navigating the legal playing field. I’d also add he is widely respected not just by his peers, but also by the courts. And deservedly so. He communicates in a calm, crisp fashion, outlining every option available to you. It is wise to adhere to his advice, because he is the consummate expert on the law. He is a true optimist, yet a realist at the same time. He will give you the best and worst case scenarios – but keep your faith, and he will have faith with you. I am not a very religious man, but I truly believe the Lord works through him.

Bottom line – If you believe you are innocent, don’t give up, tell him the truth, and you really couldn’t have a better professional on your side.”

A Satisfied Client

“The first time I spoke to him I knew that he was the one I want to represent me. He was very clear with his explanations and was very strategic in handling my case. He was also very prompt and professional. Even after my case got dismissed, he still was very helpful to me.

I am very satisfied with the way he handled my case. I couldn’t thank him enough. Hiring him was the best choice.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Ewin represented my son, the charges were very severe, and the outcome was very pleasant. I recruited six criminal lawyers before I decided on Derek Ewin.

The reason I made him my choice, he was straight forward, and to the point, knowledgeable about the law, real and detailed, loyal and, experienced, friendly, powerful, human and enduring with us. A crime worth 2 to 9 years in prison, settled for 20 hours of community service. Hence, I acclaim this five star lawyer without any qualms regardless of the outcome, if a lawyer can lessen/or win a case, it is Mr. Derek Ewin. Thanks.”

A Satisfied Client

“First I would like to start by saying I am beyond impressed with Derek’s skill set and conduct throughout my case. He didn’t set unrealistic expectations about possible outcomes or make promises he could not deliver on. He was professional, honest, diligent, prompt, knowledgeable and an asset to my case. He did not nickel and dime me, but provided attentive service and I am glad I retained him as my lawyer. I hope I do not need his representation again in the future, but if I am in need of a lawyer, I’ll be calling Derek again. There are a lot of options out there. I highly recommend Derek Ewin.”


“Derek was calm, cool, and collected. He is a well-mannered man, very professional to all types of lawyers including the DA’s office. I believe his background of having been on both sides of the court room helped lot in my case. He didn’t hesitate to pray with us upon request. He helped lower charges and with virtually no jail time. I was able to do everything the court asked of me including 52 weeks of DV classes, with a few years of probation. Derek is very knowledgeable and kind. But, very assertive as needed. Thanks a lot Derek! I am free to live a second chance to live a better life and to serve others. May the Lord be with you.”

A Satisfied Client

“I don’t know where to keep things short, if you need a lawyer, choose Derek Ewin. This guy was there for me from the beginning till the end. He handled everything that needed to be done and let me go on living my everyday life without the extra burden of dealing with the court system and DMV. The best part about him is his true care for his clients. I was in an awful state of mind when I got my DUI. Derek was there for me and was available to call even if I just needed someone to talk to. He’s a class act and I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. I was pulled over for a DUI and blew a .093. I was cited and expected to have my license suspended and also expected hefty fines. After 3 months of Derek’s hard work, my case has been completely dropped! A+++++++ I would recommend to ANYONE!”

A Satisfied Client

“Derek, Thank you so much for all your help. You gave me a second chance on what seemed to be a nightmare.”

A Satisfied Client

“I recommend Derek Ewin.

I am so very grateful to have found Derek through a Google search. My daughter was in a desperate situation and needed help. We could not have found a more perfect person for the situation. I hired the impressive background, but got so much more.

The first time Derek walked into court, it was apparent that people knew and really liked him. I believe it is the long-cultivated relationships that went a long way toward the incredible resolution he was able to obtain.

As important to me, as a mother of a young girl, was the immediate bond Derek formed with my daughter. She liked his integrity and the rules he had for working with him. He inspired her to step up and change her life. Derek was as responsible for her change in attitude and decision-making as anyone else attempting to help her.

Throughout this brief relationship, I’ve been impressed by Derek’s honesty, compassion, communication skills, strategic thinking and consideration for everyone involved. I could not have found a better attorney or a more impressive human being.

I cannot recommend anyone more highly than I wholeheartedly recommend Derek.

  • I hired Derek 1-6 months ago.
  • Derek handled my Criminal Defense matter.
  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.”

A Satisfied Client

“I spoke with several attorneys concerning a d.u.i. case. Derek was very honest and calming, in what could have been a disaster in my life. He handled everything with integrity as if he was defending himself.”


“Derek Ewin is everything these reviews say. He is honest, fair and was able to negotiate the best possible outcome for my case. Mr Ewin handled every detail to make sure that as long as I keep up my end of the deal, I would be given the chance to provide for my family and make the right decisions in the future. Derek was definitely the right choice of attorney.”


“Was very open and forthright when discussing the issue brought to him, which is appreciated – it’s easier to handle a situation when you know what it is from the beginning.”

A Satisfied Client

“Third DUI. No jail time! Impossible, right? Not only did Derek believe in me from the beginning but he worked tirelessly to ensure that I got the best possible deal. His knowledge of the process and hands on experience with the DA’s office are the key differentiators that make him THAT GUY! You know, the guy who turns your life around, makes you want to be the best you can be and does it with a great attitude, one that is always frank but positive and no nonsense. I feel fortunate that I found Derek.”

A Satisfied Client

“I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me. More than just legally, you were inspiring every time I spoke with you. The first time we met you showed me a drawer filled with letters from former clients who wrote to you about how great their lives have turned out to be. You can be expecting one of those letter from me. I am excited to use this single, arguably lucky, break that I caught to lead a life that I can be proud of.”

A Satisfied Client

“Derek is, undoubtedly, one of the kindest attorneys I have ever met. He quickly understood my situation … and took a “flyer” on me, which 99% of the legal community would not have done. HE IS A CLASS ACT THROUGH AND THROUGH!!! Thanks, Derek, for all you have done to help me (and he had nothing to gain other than demonstrating his humanity).”


“I can’t thank you enough for your support in this DUI process. I interviewed 3 attorneys and there was no question in my heart that you were the right person. Your prayer gave me hope and courage to follow through. I am so appreciative of your counseling and work that went into the sentencing that resulted. But I’ll never be able to repay you for your thoughtfulness and thoroughness that you gave me.”

A Satisfied Client

“As I was driving to the airport one evening to pick my daughter from the airport, I was pulled over for backing up two feet on the shoulder of the freeway to enter the exit to airport. I was asked to submit to a Field Sobriety tests and later breathalyzers tests. I was shocked when I found out that my blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) was above the legal limit of 0.08.

Next day after my release from one night in jail, I contacted Derek and asked for his help. After an hour meeting with Derek at his office, Law Office of Derek R. Ewin, I learned what I was up against and what to expect. In addition to being very straight forward, Derek was professional, courteous, kind, and very knowledgeable of the law. His ability to understand my situation and provide me with proper counseling and emotional support through the case was superb. THANK YOU SO MUCH DEREK!!

Within a short period of time of taking my case, Derek was able to gather the needed information and started communicating with both DMV and the court on my behalf.

Working with Derek, helped me sleep well and continue to be productive in my work. He handled each issue in a very competent and timely manner, he regularly communicated with me by phone, text, and email to keep me informed about each situation and choosing the best approach to get the desired results.

Prior to my court date, Derek worked diligently to prepare all the documents needed in order to get best outcome for me. Because of Derek’s professionalism and gift the DA and the judge reduced my case from a DUI to a wet reckless with a reduced fine and a shorter probation period.

Half way through my probation, I needed to travel to Canada where my daughter is going to college. Since I was still on probation and had a wet reckless conviction, I needed proper documentation to enter Canada. I contacted Derek and he took my case and did a superb job in collecting all needed documentation and convincing the DA and the judge to terminate my probation, dismiss my case, and provide me with dismissal documentation before leaving the court. One week after the dismissal of my case, I traveled to Canada and had no issues. I appreciate all the hard work Derek put in representing me. Derek’s work is amazing and I would highly recommend him for any criminal matter or DUI cases.


A Satisfied Client

“There were several factors that I considered when hiring an attorney to represent me for a DUI charge, which included being local, having extensive experiences with DUI cases, understanding his fees, and most importantly, treating me with dignity . Mr. Ewin previously worked for the Contra Costa County DA office, and this experience and his connections was necessary given that I do not reside in the Bay Area. I decided to contact Mr. Ewin after doing extensive research about where he went to law school (UC Davis), types of cases he represents, and reading many of the online reviews. Several consistent themes emerged from his online reviews that prompted me to consult him: he is personable, aggressive, well connected, knowledgeable, and handles cases with the utmost professionalism and dignity.

During consultation over the phone, Mr. Ewin explained in layman’s terms the paralleled process of the criminal court and DMV administrative hearing for DUI cases. He then interviewed me about my personal background and ascertained the facts of my case, which led to his advice about the best way to proceed. After this consultation, I decided to hire Mr. Ewin.

The first thing he did was schedule the DMV administrative hearing to coincide with my court date, which allowed me to drive for three months legally. Next, he represented me at the initial court hearing that I was unable to attend. After the initial court hearing, Mr. Ewin negotiated with the DA’s office to reduce the charges. It is necessary to understand that Mr. Ewin was upfront and never promised me an outcome, but suggested based on his knowledge and experience he would aggressively work with the DA’s office to get my charges reduced.

Mr. Ewin prepared me for the second court hearing by walking me through the documents and what I should expect. He made sure I understood the legal ramifications of my options. The morning of my second court case, Mr. Ewin was able to move my case to the front of the docket even though scheduled for a later time. While in court, I understood how important it was to have hired Mr. Ewin. Other folks in my situation were meeting their court-appointed attorneys for the first time. In fact, I was astonished to bear witness to one court-appointed attorney publicly call her clients by their names, introduce herself, and briefly talk to them about their cases for the first time. Also, while in court, Mr. Ewin called DMV to see if they had made a decision about my case.

Mr. Ewin successfully got my DUI charges reduced to wet reckless. As a result, I paid lower fines, and the court did not suspend my license. Although I did not win the DMV administrative hearing (from what I have read and confirmed by Mr. Ewin only 9 – 10% of cases are won), Mr. Ewin aggressively argued my case based on a discrepancy he found in the police report.

I highly recommend Mr. Ewin if you are seeking a talented, aggressive, well-connected, and personable attorney to represent you in a DUI case.”

A Satisfied Client

“Derek has defended me 3 times. The process went smooth I never had to go to jail. Derek was at every court date. More than an attorney, Derek helped me to make changes in my life that will prevent this from happening again.”


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