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Domestic violence lawyer in Walnut Creek, CA – Derek R. Ewin, Esq.

Domestic violence lawyer in Walnut Creek, CA - The Law Office of Derek Ewin.

Walnut Creek Domestic Violence

Being charged with domestic violence can upend your life in an instant. In California, prosecutors pursue this crime aggressively, which can result in severe penalties like restraining orders, fines, and even jail time. With so much at stake, it’s essential to start building your defense as soon as possible.

Protect Your Career, Your Family, And Your Future

Domestic violence can have far-reaching consequences for all involved – the alleged perpetrator, the alleged victim, and any children who witness it. We understand how complex these cases can be, and we’re here to help you and your loved ones navigate them. In many cases of domestic violence, it all starts with a simple argument that gets out of hand. One spouse or partner may end up calling 911 or the police. By the time they arrive, tempers may have cooled down. Sometimes, the damage has been done. But other times, the damage only begins once the two parties share opposing stories with law enforcement.

False domestic violence accusations happen every day. In some cases, the accuser knows the pain and disruption their false story will cause. But out of anger, spite, or desperation for control, they may lie to the police anyway.

Domestic violence is a serious charge that can have long-term consequences. A domestic violence charge can impact your family, employment, and freedom. Nevertheless, with the help of a skilled domestic violence crime lawyer, it may be possible to get the charges dropped or reduced to a misdemeanor. It is essential to take such a charge seriously and to contact a domestic violence lawyer immediately. Quick action can often help to prevent charges from being filed.

Domestic violence charges in Walnut Creek, CA, are not automatically dropped just because the victim wants to press charges. The state will still pursue legal action against the offender. You need a qualified domestic violence defense attorney to help you through this process.

Get Help Reducing Or Fighting Restraining Orders

At The Law Office of Derek R. Ewin, we understand how stressful and difficult it can be to deal with a false accusation. We’re here to help you or your loved one through this nightmare and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Protective orders may be filed when domestic disputes occur to keep the peace. At times, these orders can be based on false claims. We will contest any such orders and work to get them reversed. This means you could be forced to stay away from your family and may have to find a new place to live, at least temporarily.

Meet Derek Ewin, Attorney At Law

Being charged with a Domestic Violence crime can impact your marriage, relationship with your children, freedom, and employment. Such a charge should not be taken lightly, and one must contact a Domestic violence lawyer in Walnut Creek, CA, right away. Derek Ewin spent four (4) years explicitly assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit of the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office, where he prosecuted cases ranging from minor threats to major shootings. He has been practicing as a California Domestic violence attorney in Walnut Creek, CA, and Contra Costa County for many years now. He has also handled many of these cases as a defense attorney. He is well-versed in the various charges and defenses involved in these types of cases. If evidence can be presented to the District Attorney quickly, inappropriate charges can be prevented. So, hiring an attorney quickly can be critical if you have been arrested. Derek Ewin knows how to represent you in these types of cases best. He is an experienced Domestic violence lawyer in Contra Costa County and can be reached at (925) 308-6444 for a Free Consultation.

Your Side Of The Story Matters Too – Make It Loud With Our Help

Many possible defenses can be made against domestic violence charges. Besides the scenarios when the allegations made are blatantly or deliberately false, there are many possible scenarios where the situation is more than meets the eye in the initial investigation.

That’s right. It’s not always easy to tell when someone is being victimized by domestic violence. Often, people will hear noises and feel it is their duty to report them. This can lead police officers to investigate and come to hasty conclusions about whether or not a person is guilty. However, the physical force reported might have been provoked by the alleged victim. In this case, using physical force to defend against violent acts is not the same as domestic violence.

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