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Guzzie R.

“Overall I was very pleased with the work and outcome of my case.”


“From the initial meeting to the end of my case Derek was very helpful. He had knowledge about what I was expecting, and a lot of experience in handling my case. I’ve already referred him to someone else, and will continue to refer him.”


“Derek is very thorough and an expert in his field and went beyond the call of duty. I would recommend him without hesitation.”


“I need to share with you how much knowing Derek Ewin and having him work on my case has changed our life. Derek was always there for both of us (my wife and I) when we needed him no matter the time of day, or the day of the week. He gently guided me through the legal jungle that I faced, and made it possible for me to go on when sometimes it seemed like the nightmare would never end. There were times that I despaired of ever being able to get out from under the bureaucratic errors that had… Read More


“I thank God daily for discovering Derek Ewin and that he was able to give me back my husband and in one piece. I have told everyone I know, if you need an excellent attorney call Derek Ewin. It was by chance (or maybe not) that I did an internet search and saw his website. God intervened when he answered the phone on a Sunday night. From the beginning both Pat and I had a real good feeling about him, sometimes you just know you can trust someone. Derek always listened with true empathy and were there for us not… Read More


“Derek Ewin assisted me through a very tough period of my life. He did so while providing me with realistic potential outcomes. He was straight and to the point but never lacked empathy for what I was going through. I highly recommend Mr. Ewin’s services if you find yourself up against the legal system’s meat grinder. He will explore all options and give you timely information so that you do not feel in the dark. While incarcerated I was kept informed personally be several visits. He never judged me, but looked at the issues at hand from several perspectives while… Read More

A Satisfied Client

“I just want to start out by saying this man is not just an attorney you talk to on a business level, but a friend. He is a great person and the best defense lawyer i have ever spoke to in my life. I was facing severe felony charges and at times felt no hope. I was going to college and wanted to have a bright future, but I knew that my charges could prevent all that. Derek was always there to keep my head up and keep everything in my life positive. The one and only thing he asks… Read More

A Satisfied Client

“There are literally a handful of people for whom I would take a bullet. This list includes my family and a few friends. Honestly, in my wildest dreams, I would never have contemplated that I would add an acquaintance, much less a lawyer to this list. Derek Ewin has given me my life back – it’s a good thing too because it would have ruined Christmas for my wife and three kids. My family and I knew I was innocent, and the first person I had initially hired was not proactive and was completely ineffective. I was lucky enough to… Read More

A Satisfied Client

“The first time I spoke to him I knew that he was the one I want to represent me. He was very clear with his explanations and was very strategic in handling my case. He was also very prompt and professional. Even after my case got dismissed, he still was very helpful to me. I am very satisfied with the way he handled my case. I couldn’t thank him enough. Hiring him was the best choice.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Ewin represented my son, the charges were very severe, and the outcome was very pleasant. I recruited six criminal lawyers before I decided on Derek Ewin. The reason I made him my choice, he was straight forward, and to the point, knowledgeable about the law, real and detailed, loyal and, experienced, friendly, powerful, human and enduring with us. A crime worth 2 to 9 years in prison, settled for 20 hours of community service. Hence, I acclaim this five star lawyer without any qualms regardless of the outcome, if a lawyer can lessen/or win a case, it is Mr.… Read More

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