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“I need to share with you how much knowing Derek Ewin and having him work on my case has changed our life. Derek was always there for both of us (my wife and I) when we needed him no matter the time of day, or the day of the week.

He gently guided me through the legal jungle that I faced, and made it possible for me to go on when sometimes it seemed like the nightmare would never end. There were times that I despaired of ever being able to get out from under the bureaucratic errors that had me facing possible jail, fines, and loss of license. When I describe Derek to others who have not had the pleasure of meeting him I tell them that he are a true Christian gentleman. Even when cross examining a witness he does it without doing injury. The CHP officer had praise for Derek and the way he treated him even after cross examination. Derek was able to show his errors and have him discredit his own testimony without humiliating, insulting or degrading him in any way.

In my heart I know it is his faith that makes Derek who he is, and it is that faith that made it possible for him to do all he did to save me. I thank him for giving me back my life.”

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Derek R. Ewin, is a full-service law firm where attorneys with their extensive experience provide strong & Aggressive defense against DUI & Criminal case.

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