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“I thank God daily for discovering Derek Ewin and that he was able to give me back my husband and in one piece. I have told everyone I know, if you need an excellent attorney call Derek Ewin.

It was by chance (or maybe not) that I did an internet search and saw his website. God intervened when he answered the phone on a Sunday night. From the beginning both Pat and I had a real good feeling about him, sometimes you just know you can trust someone. Derek always listened with true empathy and were there for us not only as our attorney but as our friend. He listened to all our concerns and comforted us when necessary. He never lost faith in Pat. He is a man of integrity, gentleness, righteousness and decency. Justice has been served thanks to him.

Derek handled our case with class and grace…we owe you our lives him.”

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Derek R. Ewin, is a full-service law firm where attorneys with their extensive experience provide strong & Aggressive defense against DUI & Criminal case.

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