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A Satisfied Client

“I recommend Derek Ewin.

I am so very grateful to have found Derek through a Google search. My daughter was in a desperate situation and needed help. We could not have found a more perfect person for the situation. I hired the impressive background, but got so much more.

The first time Derek walked into court, it was apparent that people knew and really liked him. I believe it is the long-cultivated relationships that went a long way toward the incredible resolution he was able to obtain.

As important to me, as a mother of a young girl, was the immediate bond Derek formed with my daughter. She liked his integrity and the rules he had for working with him. He inspired her to step up and change her life. Derek was as responsible for her change in attitude and decision-making as anyone else attempting to help her.

Throughout this brief relationship, I’ve been impressed by Derek’s honesty, compassion, communication skills, strategic thinking and consideration for everyone involved. I could not have found a better attorney or a more impressive human being.

I cannot recommend anyone more highly than I wholeheartedly recommend Derek.

  • I hired Derek 1-6 months ago.
  • Derek handled my Criminal Defense matter.
  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.”

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Derek R. Ewin, is a full-service law firm where attorneys with their extensive experience provide strong & Aggressive defense against DUI & Criminal case.

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