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What Factors Might Enhance Or Aggravate A DUI Charge?

The factors that might enhance or aggravate a DUI charge include high blood alcohol levels, having children present in the car, getting into an accident, injuring somebody, refusing to take a chemical test, multiple or repeat offenses and reckless driving at high speeds. These factors can result in more severe sentences and may result in additional requirements if you are not in jail while the case is pending.

Are There Any Alternative Programs Available To DUI Offenders In California?

I do not know of any diversion programs for DUI in the Bay Area of California. After the completion of several requirements, diversion ultimately allows a person to avoid a conviction. However, I do not think that diversion for DUI is allowed in California. If a case has significant problems, then it may be possible to get the case dismissed or to have the charge reduced to something other than a DUI, such as reckless driving.

As discussed, the sheriff’s work alternative program, home detention and residential rehabilitation are alternatives to jail time. In general, most courts do not allow community service for someone who lives in the state. If a person gets arrested for DUI in California but they live out of state, the courts may allow them to do community service. This is because working out community service is easier than arranging jail out of state or making the person return to California to serve jail time.

Derek R. Ewin - Criminal Lawyer, Walnut Creek City

Derek R. Ewin, offers legal representation for DUI cases with potential aggravating factors.

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What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling DUI Cases?

Having worked both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, I have a unique experience. I’ve worked as a prosecutor in three different counties, so I have a broader perspective regarding how the prosecutors deal with these cases. I have an idea of what worries them, what they fear about trial and what makes them feel that a case is strong. As a result, I am better able to negotiate with them and better prepared to handle their arguments. I have been a defense attorney for well over a decade, so I have done a lot of these cases. In total, I have worked as an attorney for 30 years and have handled thousands of DUI cases.

When I worked as a DA, there were certain defense attorneys who I trusted more and whom I would give more credence to because I knew that they handle their cases appropriately. Since I could trust that the information they were giving me was reliable, their clients would sometimes end up with a better resolution to their case.

I have worked extremely hard to maintain a reputation for having integrity and honesty in the way that I handle my cases. The DA’s office in Contra Costa County knows that I know how to prosecute and try cases. In fact, they used to pay me to handle their gang homicide cases. I also work really hard to ensure that I handle cases appropriately. My clients get treated well because of the way that I handle cases. I’m also known by the judges. There are several judges I used to work within the DA’s office and others who I used to do cases against when they were defense attorneys and I was a DA.

Lastly, I really do care about my clients, and the reviews that past clients have written about me are a testament to that. Now, the way I do things may or may not be what a person wants; there is a fit that goes along with any representation by a lawyer. If you read my testimonials, you’ll get an idea of what I’m like and be able to determine whether or not I’m the right attorney for you.

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Derek R. Ewin - Criminal Lawyer, Walnut Creek City

Derek R. Ewin, offers legal representation for DUI cases with potential aggravating factors.

Call now for a free consultation (925) 420-7268.

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