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“First I would like to start by saying I am beyond impressed with Derek’s skill set and conduct throughout my case. He didn’t set unrealistic expectations about possible outcomes or make promises he could not deliver on. He was professional, honest, diligent, prompt, knowledgeable and an asset to my case. He did not nickel and dime me, but provided attentive service and I am glad I retained him as my lawyer. I hope I do not need his representation again in the future, but if I am in need of a lawyer, I’ll be calling Derek again. There are a… Read More

A Satisfied Client

“Derek was calm, cool, and collected. He is a well-mannered man, very professional to all types of lawyers including the DA’s office. I believe his background of having been on both sides of the court room helped lot in my case. He didn’t hesitate to pray with us upon request. He helped lower charges and with virtually no jail time. I was able to do everything the court asked of me including 52 weeks of DV classes, with a few years of probation. Derek is very knowledgeable and kind. But, very assertive as needed. Thanks a lot Derek! I am… Read More

A Satisfied Client

“I don’t know where to keep things short, if you need a lawyer, choose Derek Ewin. This guy was there for me from the beginning till the end. He handled everything that needed to be done and let me go on living my everyday life without the extra burden of dealing with the court system and DMV. The best part about him is his true care for his clients. I was in an awful state of mind when I got my DUI. Derek was there for me and was available to call even if I just needed someone to… Read More

A Satisfied Client

“Derek, Thank you so much for all your help. You gave me a second chance on what seemed to be a nightmare.”

A Satisfied Client

“I recommend Derek Ewin. I am so very grateful to have found Derek through a Google search. My daughter was in a desperate situation and needed help. We could not have found a more perfect person for the situation. I hired the impressive background, but got so much more. The first time Derek walked into court, it was apparent that people knew and really liked him. I believe it is the long-cultivated relationships that went a long way toward the incredible resolution he was able to obtain. As important to me, as a mother of a young girl, was the… Read More


“I spoke with several attorneys concerning a d.u.i. case. Derek was very honest and calming, in what could have been a disaster in my life. He handled everything with integrity as if he was defending himself.”


“Derek Ewin is everything these reviews say. He is honest, fair and was able to negotiate the best possible outcome for my case. Mr Ewin handled every detail to make sure that as long as I keep up my end of the deal, I would be given the chance to provide for my family and make the right decisions in the future. Derek was definitely the right choice of attorney.”

A Satisfied Client

“Was very open and forthright when discussing the issue brought to him, which is appreciated – it’s easier to handle a situation when you know what it is from the beginning.”

A Satisfied Client

“Third DUI. No jail time! Impossible, right? Not only did Derek believe in me from the beginning but he worked tirelessly to ensure that I got the best possible deal. His knowledge of the process and hands on experience with the DA’s office are the key differentiators that make him THAT GUY! You know, the guy who turns your life around, makes you want to be the best you can be and does it with a great attitude, one that is always frank but positive and no nonsense. I feel fortunate that I found Derek.”

A Satisfied Client

“I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me. More than just legally, you were inspiring every time I spoke with you. The first time we met you showed me a drawer filled with letters from former clients who wrote to you about how great their lives have turned out to be. You can be expecting one of those letter from me. I am excited to use this single, arguably lucky, break that I caught to lead a life that I can be proud of.”

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