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Medical Conditions To Blame For Failing DUI Tests

You are driving down the road when all of a sudden you see blue lights coming in behind you. You know that you have done nothing wrong, as you have had nothing to drink. You pull over, and immediately the police officer tells you that he suspects that you have been driving under the influence. You protest, of course, because you have nothing to drink, and you are feeling fine. The officer insists that you take a breathalyzer, and when you comply, you find out that your blood alcohol level is over the legal limit. How is that possible when… Read More

What To Do If Caught DUI

We all know how driving under the influence of substances like drugs or alcohol is dangerous, but sometimes circumstances force us to do that hoping to not get hurt, hurt anyone else, or get caught. It’s not the end of the world if you are pulled over and checked, if you play it right and remember how to behave then it is going to be much easier for your defense to win the case. Monder Criminal Lawyer Group gave some valuable pieces of advice on how to best act in these unpleasant scenarios. Here’s what you should do if pulled… Read More

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