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What To Do If Caught DUI

We all know how driving under the influence of substances like drugs or alcohol is dangerous, but sometimes circumstances force us to do that hoping to not get hurt, hurt anyone else, or get caught. It’s not the end of the world if you are pulled over and checked, if you play it right and remember how to behave then it is going to be much easier for your defense to win the case.

Monder Criminal Lawyer Group gave some valuable pieces of advice on how to best act in these unpleasant scenarios. Here’s what you should do if pulled over after having a few drinks.

Don’t Talk

Silence is golden, especially in these situations where every word that comes out of your mouth can be used later against you. You know how in movies people refuse to talk when arrested without their lawyer, well this is exactly what you need to do. The only information you need to provide is your name and the current address of residence. Officers may try to squeeze as much info from you as possible to build their case right then and there, but whether you are guilty or not, the less info you provide the chance of the case being dropped increases. Be polite, follow instructions but shut up.

Avoid Taking Any Field Sobriety Tests

This might depend on the state you are in but in California, you are not obliged by the law to take any field sobriety test. Officers might attempt to persuade or intimidate you to take it, but this only negatively affects the outcome since these tests aren’t reliable even if taken while sober. These tests do not take into account different age or physical constitution, gender nor a person’s ability to perform even under normal circumstances. It is also questionable whether officers in the field perform these tests correctly, and when you consider everything it is much better to refuse.

Be Polite If Arrested

You need to be smart and think of the outcome. If you resist arrest then you are eligible for obstruction or misdemeanor charge. It is important to remain calm and simply follow all the instructions because your every action can be used against you later, and if you behave then you will be shown more understanding in the court. Again, being calm and polite is more important than any defense from your lawyer.

Remain Silent In The Police Car

This is very important since modern police cars can record the backseat and anything you say there can be used against you. Do not attempt to call your friends or family to complain and say stuff you’d regret later, do not insult the officers driving as this is what normally drunk people would do, and you want to avoid that sort of behavior. You need to understand that you are going to be processed no matter what, and your every move can be helpful or harmful. It is in your best interest to say and do as little as possible.

Try To Remember Everything

Instead of being angry try to focus on the events that occurred. All the info you can gather will be valuable for your defense. Names of witnesses, officers, and how they treated you. Try to write down all the info you can remember and give that to your attorney. Try to recollect your past 24 hours, all the places you visited, people you saw, etc. You can even get a receipt from the place you bought alcohol if you paid with a credit card and use that as proof of how many you had to drink.

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