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Domestic Violence

Being charged with a Domestic Violence crime can have ramifications on your marriage, relationship with your children, freedom and employment. Derek Ewin spent four (4) years assigned specifically to the Domestic Violence Unit of the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office. There he prosecuted cases ranging from minor threats to major shootings. He has also handled many of these cases as a defense attorney. He is well versed in the various charges and defenses involved in these types of cases. Often, if evidence can be presented to the District Attorney quickly, inappropriate charges can be prevented. So, hiring an attorney quickly can be critical if you have been arrested. Derek Ewin knows how to best represent you in these types of cases.


Any time someone is charged in court with a violation of a domestic violence law, a restraining order must be issued by the court. The court is required to do this even if the alleged victim does not want it. That means that you could be forced to stay away from your spouse and your kids and forced to find a new place to live while the case is pending in court. It is important to have an attorney with you at your first appearance in court to help minimize the effects of such an order. Often, if the court is given the right information up front, the judge will not require the person charged to stay away from their family and home, but instead will limit the order to requiring “peaceful contact” with the other members of the household. Contact Mr. Ewin to help you get the best possible outcome in these types of cases.

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